Are these Additions Possible?

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Hello Everyone,

I finally finished my first game ever on any platform and got it onto the Apple App Store! =P

(The game is called "Don't Stop Jumping.")

Now that I have had time to finish my finals for school I wanted to go back to it and add some stuff in order to improve it. What I am simply asking is, Is it possible to implement these changes purely through GS, and if you could give me a rough idea on how to do any of them (I don't need a full description, I just want a general idea on the time frame and difficulty.)


  1. Global High Score System (Game Center)

  2. In App Purchased (Obviously possible)

  3. I-Ads that pop up after each death and at the beginning of the game. (I don't want a constant Banner, it will mess with game play.)

  4. Rewarded Items (Can I Reward the person that has the high score every month with a special "Skin.")

  5. Number of times "Jumped" Globally (Something that could be viewed on the Game Center)

  6. Number of Blocks Passed Globally

  7. Number of Deaths Globally


  1. Start Screen that doesn't get shown every time you restart the game

  2. Create save-loads in the start screen to reduce Lagg

  3. Personal Number of Times "Jumped" Total ----

  4. Personal Number of Blocks Passed Total----

  5. Personal Number of Deaths Total-----

    -- I assume all this is a simple Integer counter that gets saved / loaded

  6. The ability to turn down / off sound FX and Music in the game in an Options Menu.

(Also I already have an idea on what I plan to do about it, but if you go download the game, I'm trying to figure out a better solution for the 3 block spawns, Currently the 3rd block spawns every 5 seconds in order to stop the player from being able to "Hug" the top the entire game, any ideas would be appreciated)

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    Accepted Answer


    For the Pro required changes everything but the rewarding players every month is possible. For the NON-PRO everything is possible.

    -Hoped This Helped!

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