Fantastic Arcade

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Hey GSters,

Just wondering if anyone is submitting anything or attending Fantastic Fest in Austin this year. If you are not aware of it, you should check it out.




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    Looks interesting! Never heard of it before. Will have to look into it. Where is it located at @RP‌???

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    Austin, Teaxs Alamo Draft House lobby (which was designed for these types of thangs, but I miss the original, snif).

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    This coming Sunday is the deadline for Submissions to the Fantastic Arcade.
    If you have something you have been brewing, live in Texas and want to hang with some cool peeps that are all about gaming, sound and interactive experiences, this be da place .

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    Cut off is today. What up with all you Texans? Are you seriously oblivious to what Fantastic Arcade is? I better not see Austinites saying they don't know what it is, otherwise we has got a problem Huston.

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