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I am creating a game where a child is told a word and then three cards are shown with the words to choose. That part of the game works. What isn't working is the graphic part. The game is called buddys book quest. Buddy is our library dog and he is on a quest for books. He simply walks in the center of the screen (while grass moves under his feet) and as each question appears a book rolls up (on the grass and stops) on a moving path to him. If they get the question correct the book disappears. If the child gets the question wrong the book just continues moving along the path away from buddy.

He's my question: I can't seem to create a way for the books to disappear properly. Right now if you get every single question correct then all of the books disappear properly, but if you get one answer wrong then none of the questions after the wrong answer disappear. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make this work?

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Jeff, welcome to GSC and the Forums. :smile:

    Sounds a nice game for youngsters - though difficult to help with your problem despite you explaining it well, without seeing your programming - Rules/behaviours, etc...

    Perhaps show some screenshots....

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    Ok, So here is what the early frame looks like. The grass moves and the books move from off stage on stage and stop in front of buddy.

    Here is one of the selections. Id the selection is correct, then will become true and the book should destroy.

    Next here is the book. It calls up a explosion element and then the is suppose to turn back to false. The destroy is also in there for the book. If the is not made true then its suppose to move off screen and not destroy.

    This is my question and book spawner. The reason I need to spawn each question like this because of the sound files. The new book is spawned at the start.

    Heres the explosion element

    Again, thank for the help. I've been play with this issue all week and its beginning to frustrating.

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    Hi again, Jeff - I think your problem will be solved if you change your attribute from a boolean to an integer.

    This way you can have 3 states, neither, true and false.

    I'd find it slightly difficult to apply myself to suggest how to weave this in to your game without having your game file in front of me - so I hope by your understanding you'll be able to amend it yourself.

    So basically, once a book(actor) has been made true or false, once it's been destroyed or moved on, it can be made 0 (zero); (if a book "fails" you can call it 1, a true book, 2).

    When game book is 1
    Change Attribute book to 0
    Change Attribute book to 0

    I think that'll do it. (Hope I've explained enough) Also to mention, i think there might be a timing issue to consider for when the change attribute goes to zero, if so, put an "After" Timer before the "Change Attribute book to 0" in both cases.

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    thanks for your help. I changed book to a boolean to a number, but it still wasn't working. I did figure it out though. With your help I was able to track the numbers by adding a read out of what the book number was on the screen with a display text actor.

    What I found out was the number wasn't changing after the first wrong answer. It was then that I realized that I wasn't destroying the wrong answers that left the screen. So there were multiple actors, many with 2 that didn't change and because they didn't change the current book didn't either. After I made the books that left the screen destroy everything starting working perfectly. I'll let you know when I put a beta up so you can check it out:)

    Thanks again.:)


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    Thanks for all the help. The graphics and the actual games are still in the works, but heres the beta 2.0 I have:

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