Couple questions regarding publishing my game

Hello I just had a few questions I was curious about.

  1. To get my game on the google playstore do I have to make the $25 fee and register at google play?
  2. Will I be able to publish my app that I made on PC on the apple app store?
  3. Does GS handle the uploading of the apk to google/apple?

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  • 3DMA3DMA Posts: 162
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    Hello. To your questions:
    1.: Yes, you will need to sign up as google Developer for $25. If you plan to develop/publish on Apple App Store, you will also need to sign up there (around $90 if i remember correctly.

    2.: If you use Windows but want to publish to Apple, you will need to use online solutions like "Mac in the cloud" as @Thunder_Child mentioned.

    3.: Gamesalad does everything for you BUT submitting to the respective Stores.

    You can find a lot of helpful info if you check out the "Cook Book" and other Tutorials that handle exact this Stuff.

    Have fun and good luck ;-)


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