Recording quality sound from game? Screen recording?

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I'd like to make a show reel of my games, and of particular importance is the audio as this is for a game audio job application. I'd really rather not to a normal screen recording with Quicktime (I'm on Mac), as that picks up outside noises (tapping, other noises in the room, and makes the audio quality sound terrible). I'd also rather not recreate the audio in another program (taking the same sounds and syncing them to the video footage) as that would be too time consuming. Does anyone with experience in this know what might be the best way to screen capture footage of the game, including the game's sound?



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    Install soundflower ( > )

    Once installed you will see a couple of extra options in your Sound control panel in Systems Preferences . . . in the output tab choose Soundflower (2ch)

    Now in the Quicktime Player screen recording panel click on the little white triangle on the right and choose Soundflower (2ch) as your input.

    . . . . . .

    Don't forget to return your main computer audio out back to what you had previously once finished.

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    @Socks I love you a little bit, thank you

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