Anyone experiencing Publisher issues?

FatFishFatFish South East, UKMember Posts: 120
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As title, I can't seem to go through the platform tabs on the left and also the game's title has reverted to the 'Game Title Here', it can't be edited nor can the icon. So generally nothing is working currently and cannot be edited/updated.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Trying on Mac Safari and Chrome with the same results. :(

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  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,334
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    This was asked by @Jungrila‌ some 10 hours, but his thread got buried, unfortunately.

    This is what I wrote in that thread:

    Yes, the publishing portal seems to be a bit slow. It still works, just takes a lot of time. I just generated and signed an app with it.

    Close the page in your browser, then open it again by going to and click on the app you wish to edit/publish.

    It will likely load the page, but the name of the app will not show. Now you have to wait for the page to fully load -- wait till the name of the app shows. If you start doing something before, the page won't finish loading properly and the menus and such will not react to your clicks.

    Hopefully the portal will be up to speed soon!


  • FatFishFatFish South East, UKMember Posts: 120
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    Update: It could be a slow net connection my end. I'll give it some time and see if it solves itself.

    Can remove thread if needed. Sorry.

  • colandercolander Member Posts: 1,610
  • FatFishFatFish South East, UKMember Posts: 120

    @colander said:
    It is running very slow has been for about the last 6 hrs.

    Ah! Thanks @colander‌ I'm glad I'm not alone then with this issue.

    Hope it gets sorted soon.

  • lkmadlkmad Member Posts: 117

    Can't create an app here either. I upload it, click generate, then it says it's ready to be signed but when I click the button it says no such file found.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,334
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    Hey @lkmad‌ -- make sure that the generate button does not still say 'generating'

    I think this has to do with the general slowness of the page. The best thing to do is force-reload the page in the browser once you get your ready to sign notification. It will again take some time to load, but once your app name pops in, it should definitely be ready to sign.

  • FatFishFatFish South East, UKMember Posts: 120
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    Thanks @pHghost‌

    For now, waiting a while for the page to load fully, and therefore begin to work, seems to do the trick.

    Seems like a few mice have fallen off the tread mill :)

  • crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FranceMember Posts: 519

    Same here its very slow

  • lkmadlkmad Member Posts: 117
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    @phHost Changed browsers and it works fine now! I emptied cache in Firefox and will try that again tomorrow when I need to rebuild my app. Thanks!

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,334

    @lkmad‌ -- the system in back up now, so it should work in any browser!

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