1080 Challenge

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We have a new game out called the 1080 Challenge. It's free. It's difficult. It insulting. :P

Here's the press release:

This is the press release. If you’re reading it then I am willing to bet you are most likely the “press”. I know I miss used the quotes. Don’t worry about it.

You came here looking for information about The 1080 Challenge I wager. I’m afraid I cannot help too much in that regard aside from asking you, “What did the app description say?”

I’m sure the app description was most helpful. If not then I’m sure you’re experience playing the “game” must have given you the most adequate experience through which to understand just what The 1080 Challenge is. You completed it didn’t you?

I mean, you are the press. I can’t imagine you would just copy and paste snippets from a press release and give it a rating on some arbitrary scale without actually playing it and forming your own opinions of the “game” right?

Of course not. You do this for a living, or fun, either way you have integrity! So, what did you think? So-so? Super amazing? Really terrible? I’m asking because I’m curious, not because there is a right or wrong answer, but there is a preferable answer of course.

Well, I think we’ve spent enough time here don’t you? Back to writing reviews!

Oh yes, I forgot! I’ve included some screen shots (you should have already seen from playing the game) along with a link to the trailer. It should prove most helpful as well!

Good day!

Here's the trailer:

Here's the download links:

Google Play



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