need advice for the book !

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Hello everyone,
im very interested to buy the book below :

but i really worry if the book is out of dated !
cause i bought other book last few days ago and it didn't help me with all functions

i just wish to learn how to add new level for example how to modify template make a complete game !

if you recommend this book or any other reall good tutorials let me know please.



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    Hi again, as I pointed out in your previous thread, the Manual (the free one via the Help button at top of page) is a great basic run-through of GSC - it'll uncover aspects of GSC you might not otherwise discover till much later on.

    There's a ton of resources, many great video tutorials included - that you could dive into but for most people, it could cause unnecessary frustration + possible confusion as they would, inevitably be covering aspects of GSC which you haven't learned about yet.

    It's a much more logical - and less frustrating - way to start with manuals before diving into vid. tutorials, I'd personally recommend - but of course, you don't have to take my advice.

    The GameSalad Guide to Game Development you mention is the official guide, endorsed by GameSalad, so I can't see you can go wrong there - as for being up-to-date - pretty much so, I'm guessing - I don't think its been around for very long.

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  • Spider MycronSpider Mycron JordanMember Posts: 20
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    thank you for your kindly advices

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