Need help with a few items. i am a big NOOOB

KumkaniKumkani Member, PRO Posts: 28

ok, so i am making an endless runner, i need to have the main actor change animation (a trip animation) when he collides with an object then stop and slide when he hits the floor (floor stops moving but actor slides for a few inches) and that ends the game. my best example would be jetpack joyride's death sequence.

currently i have the main actor running across the scrolling floor (works great) I added a rule that when he collides with the ground he will run (also works great) stops the run animation when he jumps (works great too). also a rule that if he hits the obstacle he goes into the trip animation (works but...), but he goes through those frames the right back to running.

help me gamesalad users, you're my only hope!! :wink:


  • Tiny_IdeasTiny_Ideas Member Posts: 326

    I would suggest that in the rule where you have activated the running animation that you also add another condition that says

    When character is sliding is false.

    At the moment your character is most likely still has its running animation working because even after hitting and dying the animation is still triggered to work.

    The reason why the slide works is because it overrides the previous animation. But once finished it continues with the running animation.


  • KumkaniKumkani Member, PRO Posts: 28

    sorry for the bugging but what do i put in? do i have to make a sliding boolean? do i put this condition in the same rule as running? like I said big noob here. I truly apprecite the help and ask you forgive my inexperience. thanks!

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