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How to add Chartboost ads. Any video on how to add chartboost ads for iOS ?

How to add Chartboost ads. Any video on how to add chartboost ads for iOS ?


  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Member Posts: 956

    Here is a tutorial to get started. You can stop watching after they begin to start writing code.

    To choose when the Chartboost ads are visible in your game you click the "Show Advertisement" option. When you are signed in the "Show Advertisement" option button will be available for the "Change Scene" and The "Pause Game" behaviors.

    Decide when you want to show your ads. For most scene changes I've noticed that the "Show Advertisement" option is automatically checked. After choosing when your ads will be visible it's time to publish.

    Publish the game to the Gamesalad server then head over to the incentive tab in the upper left hand corner. Head back over to Chartboost where you created the app and grab the App ID and App Signature. Take those two items and head back to the incentive portion of Gamesalad. You enter the information, double check that it matches, and it should automatically save.

    After the information is saved click the type of device you are publishing on. ie. iOS Universal, or iPhone. Scroll to the bottom and click that you want to enable chartboost interstitial ads and Start Up Ads (Optional). You have now integrated Chartboost into your app.

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