Publishing help!

I'm at my wits end. I made my game and it's enoughw here I want to publish and release it. so I tried and when I transfer it onto my Android tablet there are several actors missing, as well as some animation problems. I'm not versed enough or experienced enough to know what's going on. I'm so frustrated now. can someone help, hell if you will do the publishing for me I will pay (reasonable amount though) I just want it to be the game I made, with animation, all the actors etc.
I don't have an apple product to test it on, but for the tablet I'm not getting everything
any advice is welcome too.


  • what mac version of the creator did you use? i have had this happen once turned out somethink went wrong when i generated the file on gamesalad. try and generate the file agen on gamesalad and then try on your tablet

  • KumkaniKumkani Member, PRO Posts: 28

    Sorry, I'm using the windows version. the lastest one. I've generated it four times now. I keep going in to look for any redundant programming etc. It's getting on my last nerve. also when I upload to to generate the apk, I fill in the blanks and generate apk doesn't become selectable. but that's another issue i believe.

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