My first Game, Marble Ball n Buckets

Subhi A.Subhi A. Member Posts: 21
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Hello all

First of all i must give a big thanks for gamesalad who make things easy for us, really big thanks.

Now.. my first Game called "Marble Ball n Buckets", i had 2 versions at apple store, for android .. i am working on that,,

1. Free Version, "Marble Ball n Buckets Free", its 10 levels, free app, you may find it here

2. Paid Version, "Marble Ball n Buckets", its 54 Levels for now, working to reach 90 levels in next 2 updates, you may find it here

3. i have it on gamesalad arcade as well, for some reason the background music did not works at this version, you can play it here.

please support me by publishing the game at your account at Facebook and twitter, rate the free version and i will be thankful

hope you enjoy it



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