RPG movement & animation (like pokemon)

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It took me 2 days to figure out but i mastered movement and animation for my game. Willing to share to you guys because i'm surprised i couldn't find it anywhere in the forum.


rule 1:

rule 2:

rule 3:

rule 4:

rule 5:

rule 6:

rule 7:


For some reason game salad 'move to' behaviour speed isnt pixels per second. So if you want the character to move 32 forward, at the speed of 32, the movement will go for 1.3 seconds, so you have to change the timer for animation to 1.3 seconds. so remember the delay of 0.3 seconds. to make the actor use 2 animations in one movement, set both animations (left and right foot) to 0.65 second timer.


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    Cant you just use the animate feature?

    Seems like a lot of rules for such an easy task.


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    Animation rule plays when unit is moving and stops when the actor stops.
    Because its stopping every 32 pixels for a fraction of a second, the animation will stop and start every 32 as well. The end result being you can only play one or two frames max.
    My way you can play any number of frames smoothly.
    Also because the actor is stopping, it will use the option "revert actor back to main image" every 32 movement. Its just a mess

    Seems like the animation feature wasnt meant for the ''move to" behaviour if you want to repeat it over and over smoothly. Would be good for moving to one location once though.

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    your method would cause a lot of issues in gamesalad, it would slow the game down a lot, and cause the game to be glitchy when playing on the actual device.
    however, its still nice of you to share your research with others on the gamesalad forum.

    in this tutorial video i made a while ago, i show you how to use animations for an RPG game.

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    @CodeMonster‌ From what i can see in your video, you simply move 300 pixels per second. You don't move on a grid. Rpgs similar to pokemon move on a grid, which was what i was aiming for.
    My code still needs optimization :)

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