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Hi guys I'm new to the forum but can't pinpoint the problem I have to a question already asked, basically I am making a defence game, I want to keep what I have in level 1 and put it in level 2 but adding more power ups and different types of enemies as the game goes on but when I copy what I have in level one and start working on level 2 it then changes level 1 to how the new level 2 is. Is there something I need to do to make the levels separate once copied or is there another way to do this?

Any help or a nudge in the right direction is appreciated these forums have helped a great deal already



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    I just copied several lvls and changed them up, so maybe I can help. First I backed up my project, saving it with a different name so I could revert changes. Then I triple checked to make sure I was working on the instance of the actors not the prototypes. If you are already working with the instances, consider a lvl base, your score/timer/buttons etc. Take your lvl back down to that, copy it for the number of lvls you need, then put in the things that make each lvl unique. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply, basically what your saying is take everything down to a minimum then copy the levels and add the actors after that to each individual level, what do you mean by instances and prototypes? will have a play around with that thanks for the help.


  • Hi Savvy I just took my level down to basics and it did the same, my actor "spawner" is an invisible actor I made a copy of the basic level and then added this and the rest to it and still when I add the invisible actor the number of spawns I have in that actor is the same across all levels not sure what I'm doing wrong any further info would be great


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    Hi Chris, I've attached a sample file that has two scenes. The same actor is used on both scenes to spawn additional actors. Click on the white square to spawn green ones. The white square has an actor attribute set on it that will determine how quickly the green actors are spawned.

    By adjusting this spawnTime attribute you can use the same base actor on each scene in your game BUT customize it easily so it can change its function scene to scene. I hope that helps and makes some sense.

  • cheers guys

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