How do I spawn random actors from a single spawner?

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hi guys im making this game where i have 3 chickens moving red, blue, yello. i have maña to make the spawner, spawn each individual actor in randomof 3 to 8 seconds, the prublem is that its not a condition its just the timer so sime times they spawn at the same time and over lap each other, y want the spanner to just do a single value at a time ramdom.

please help


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  • imjustmikeimjustmike Member Posts: 450

    Does this tutorial help?

    (found by googling: "spawn actors no overlap gamesalad")

  • davidriverabizdavidriverabiz Member Posts: 3

    @imjustmike said:
    Does this tutorial help?
    (found by googling: "spawn actors no overlap gamesalad")

    hello imjustmike

    the tutorial show how to vary points on the creen all my actors are comming from a single direccion moving from right to lefth, they are not appering in defferent points, i need the the condition to be within 1 spawn point to change the image of the character ramdomly, i most note to you every character has its own animation.

    i think tables would be the answear but i dont know how to assing a character to a table value.

    forget about the table if you have a better solution. just help please

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584
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    Each character/actor will need its own animation, then the spawner calls that actor to spawn it.

    If you want to set a limit on how many of the enemy you want on the screen, you need to set GAME level attributes

    MaxEnemies (interger)
    for example. which is what I have used in the example attached
    You make an actor called SPAWNER and then set alpha to 0 so no one can see it. Then the rules above you place in there. Replacing Enemy images with your characters.

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  • davidriverabizdavidriverabiz Member Posts: 3

    hi jigglybean i already have movement on each character and spawing, the problem is i have single spanner for each one and each actor has a timer to spawn ramdom every 1 to 9 seconds, the over lapping is the problem i just added ramdom speed changes in velocity but its not the intention i just need o actor a a time ramdom not in loop order. i have yello, blue and red. check out this example of the game

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