count up timers like the timer in Red Bit Escape

Need to make a timer like the one in" Red Bit Escape ". Please help! I don't know how to display the end time when you get out and the time should be counting in one hundredths of a second(.01). Please Help!


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    Make two real attributes called game.startTime and game.elapsedTime.

    Change Attribute game.startTime to game.Time

    Constrain Attribute game.elapsedTime to game.Time-game.startTime

    DisplayText round(game.elapsedTime,2)

    If you want the elapsed time to stop at a certain point then place the Constrain Attribute behavior in the Otherwise/Else section of a rule that gets triggered "when you get out."

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    How can I display the minutes I am counting and separate them with a colon with this timer? Please see attached image for current code that displays seconds and resets to 0 every 60 seconds and adds 1 to a counter variable.

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