Yops – unique puzzle game!

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Hi everybody!
Last month I was working on the game called Yops.
Finally it's on AppStore! Please leave a review if you like it!
Download #yops for free from AppStore: http://apple.co/1ESvIlC

One day, I realized that I'd gotten bored of three-in-a-row games. I was also sick of joining dots and moving colored blocks. I wanted something new.
I couldn't keep waiting for someone else to do it, so I created Yops.

Yops is a game about tapping dots. There’s no randomness in this game at all: it all depends completely on you.

1/ Tap the dot.
2/ This will remove all the neighboring dots of the same color as the dot you tapped.
3/ The dot you tapped changes its color.
4/ Each successful turn gives you 1 point.
5/ Don't let the dots reach the top!
6/ Don't think about the red dot.

\ Total minimalism
\ Strong dry sound effects and no music at all
\ Useful night mode
\ Colorblind assistance mode (dots' colors are marked with digits)

P.S. Doctors do not recommend sitting on the toilet for too long.

Download for free: http://apple.co/1ESvIlC

Yops – the innovative puzzle game for iOs – http://apple.co/1ESvIlC
Other games - http://appstore.com/flashpromllc/


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