Attaching a graphic to a player actor

BalvamarBalvamar Member, PRO Posts: 117

Hi, I have a player actor which is hidden, and have created a second actor that is constrained to the player actor. I have done this to refine my bounding box to improve collision accuracy.

The problem I am having is when I jump on to vertical elevators when the elevator moves down everything is fine, but when it moves up, my graphic sinks slightly into the platform. The actual player constrains properly, but I am having trouble getting the graphic to behave consistently. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheer


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    Try changing the layer order of the two actors.

  • BalvamarBalvamar Member, PRO Posts: 117

    Ok, I'll try that. I almost have it right, but i am trying to get it perfect

  • BalvamarBalvamar Member, PRO Posts: 117

    Still having problems. I can't seem to get the graphics stop shaking when the elevator moves down.

  • BalvamarBalvamar Member, PRO Posts: 117

    I had a similar issue. After a lot of testing I found some things that worked. Depending on your project one might work for you. The first is to slow the lift speed until the shaking stops. The second is to make the lift drop away quickly and allow the actor to fall and be caught by the lift when it moves up. This might work for you if your actor doesn't take damage from falling, and the last is to make an invisible actor that covers your lift, (where the shaking is happening) and set up a behaviour that stops your player animating, but this depends on how your player animates, and would not effect the constraining of your bounding actor. Hope that helps.

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