How early do you start marketing your game?

As most of you know, marketing your game is extremely important. But how early do you start marketing?

Until now I have started marketing my games after they are live on the App Store, which is way too late.

Some say to start as soon as you can show off some mechanics, and some say don't start too early because the risk of someone stealing your idea. What are your thoughts and opinions? :)


  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Member Posts: 956

    Depends on what you mean by marketing.

    I see marketing as keywords, titles, descriptions, screenshots and app previews.

    I usually make sure all of these are completed before I submit my app.

    My apps have become more visible by the items listed above, compared to spending thousands on advertising.

  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159

    @RabidParrot Yeah I mean posting screenshots and gameplay on social media for example. The "show your game to the world" thing :)

  • HereniHereni Member Posts: 9

    @Dues said:
    RabidParrot Yeah I mean posting screenshots and gameplay on social media for example. The "show your game to the world" thing :)

    I agree with this

  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Member Posts: 956

    It really all depends on the app. If I have an awesome new idea I tend to create the app before marketing. I don't want to lose the idea. After I make the game I decide the type of app icon that I want. At this time I start making screenshots, research keywords and fill out the rest of the app information. I then return to the app. Do some testing. Verify everything is up to par. Then I submit it. Sorry if some of the above isn't grammatically correct. I'm typing on my phone.

  • BigDaveBigDave Member Posts: 2,239

    use PRmac for a free press release or even invest for the extended one they will keep on posting your game post on different pages through 1-2 days or extended over 1-2 weeks. works fine to get maybe follow up reviews once it rolls

    i would build your accounts
    twitter, google+, facebook, wordpress..

    independent from your games grow em big and post each new game
    link in each game back to your previously best games
    building a pyramid of quality

  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159

    Thanks for the suggestions! @BigDave

  • mgarstkamgarstka Member, PRO Posts: 3

    That's something I've been wondering as well. My new game is planned to come out in a few weeks and I'm starting a bit of social media stuff now. I figured that if you start too early any interest you generate will be forgotten and wasted! - Bringing highly visual, thought provoking challenges to the adventure gaming market.

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

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