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My app is free on Android, can I make a paid version of it for Fire TV?... Or do I rename game?

AJaymzAJaymz Posts: 164Member, PRO

I already have a game on Android that is free, well actually it has an IAP to remove ads and have access to all game modes. Can I make a better version of it for Fire TV that isn't free and already have access to all game modes? I just don't want someone who has it on Android that isn't fully unlocked to be able to download it free on Fire TV. Or is the App Stores completely different? Fire TV version will have extra features also, so not sure if I should just rename the game or not.


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    You can make a newer version and maybe call it 'HD' if you are scaling up the artwork. Or call it 'Fire TV edition'. I've found with some of my apps, calling it 'Kindle Edition' does boost sales on Amazon.

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  • AJaymzAJaymz Posts: 164Member, PRO

    thanks for ideas. HD sounds pretty neat.

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