Universal Binary Template - Available in the GameSalad Marketplace

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I created the "Universal Binary Template" http://marketplace.gamesalad.com/#product=47432 over the last year and five apps, four of which are published. It is a very tidy solution to a vexing problem, you can read more about it by clicking on the link "Universal Binary Template Instructions" in my signature below.

The instructions come with the template and you can read them before you buy. They detail the problem, game design/challenges a developer faces and the solution. Feel free to pm me or post below with any questions you have.


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    I get colander to do a bit if coding and bug fixing for me and he put the code from his template in my game I am publishing using stretch. Some of the actors were looking really squished now look the same shape on everything really happy.

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    Does this template use stretch or overscan?

    I'm assuming it's a Mac only template, right? Will it work with any aspect ratio?

  • colandercolander Member Posts: 1,610

    It uses overscan and but the code can be adapted for use in stretch. As long as you design your game properly it will work in all platforms (Aspect ratios) in Creator.

    Read the instructions in my signature to get a better understanding of aspect ratios and how the template works.

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