Endless runner and elevator

Hey everyone,

i m working on endless runner game, I am trying to incorporate some moving platforms. I have watched some tutorials and every time my player touches the moving platform, it won't function. It completely stops or just shakes in place. Is there anyway to have the runner keep going straight and have the platform go up and down at the same time? thanks in advance.


  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Member Posts: 956

    What rules do you have to make the platforms move? Can you post a screenshot?

  • brittngoobrittngoo Member Posts: 3

    for the moving platform I created three attribute on the moving platform. myMin, myMax and mySpeed like i saw in youtube tutorial. Then I created a rule
    attribute self.Position Y < or equal to self.myMin
    then a interpolate self.position Y To: self.myMax
    Duration: self.mySpeed and function Linear.
    this makes the platform move up and for down it just a slight variation of this.
    this issue is that it won't function on this surface

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