The most disgusting game ever! Kungfu rabbit dash is coming!

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It seems like people became obsessed with one-touch game, playing again and again, just to push a little bit farther than others.

Kungfu Rabbit Dash is just this genre, developed by Yiyi Studios, firstly released this week, which had caught some people’s attention, it might be the most difficult one-touch platformer on iOS. When playing Mr. Jump, people may did hundred attempts before finally succeeding, but they still enjoy it. As they said: It had managed to strike the sweet spot between difficult and addicting.

What makes Kungfu Rabbit Dash such a hard game? It is another endless-running game, it is difficult as not much players get too far, and you touch on the screen to cause the bunny to jump over tree obstacles or right jump on the carrot to change direction. You have to jump on carrot to change the direction as you can’t jump across the big trees.

Is it hard or frustrated? Well, yes and no, and sometimes when you have no choice other than to jump over little obstacles, you die as the drop point is so low. You would be prefer to believe that it is a buggy game after having hundred attempts.

You may get Kungfu Rabbit Dash both on the App Store and Google Play:


  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484

    @Milole Great game , its fun and hard ! you made it hard to pass one jump , but i have to say your graphics are amazing , the gameplay is smooth , everything is nice about this , really great job , good luck with the downloads.

  • MiloleMilole Member Posts: 9

    @Icebox1910 Thanks for your advice and wishes, i'll modify it for a better experience.

  • JimmyMesserJimmyMesser LondonMember Posts: 235

    Firstly game looks great and it has so much potential. Now playing the game I noticed that it's actually impossible to get over the large trees if there is something we need to know about how to get over then run a demo of it in game. The other issue it the adverts playing after every death. Because it currently impossible to get over the large trees ads pretty much play all the time which is annoying.

    Personally you have banner ads you should run inter ads every 5 -10 deaths.

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