Game of the Month: June Submissions Thread

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Here's a few reminders again about how the Game of the Month contest works:

I will open a “sticky” forum thread for submissions that will be closed at the end of Monday, June 22nd. After the thread is closed we (the GameSalad team) will choose our favorite submission and announce the winner during the following month!

We will contact the winner via email soon after the thread is closed. Each winner will be asked to complete a Developer questionnaire and I will use this information to create a blog post that promotes your awesomeness!

We will feature the Game of the Month in dedicated Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts!

The Ground Rules:


*Your game must be complete and published to the appstore or GS arcade! (We have to be able to play it to know if it is worthy of winning!)

*Just to be clear, this is not a post to simply "announce" an upcoming game.

*Please limit your entries to 1 app per person.

*Apps must be posted within the sticky thread in order for it to be considered.

*You can resubmit your app if you submitted it last month and didn't win. (You can also resubmit an app that's been entered in more than one GOTM so long as it has had a significant update).

*Please include a Youtube gameplay/trailer video with your submission if possible.

*We also prefer that the game was published in 2015 or late 2014 (November or December).

Contacting the Winner: In order to be featured, winners will have one week to submit answers to a questionnaire (for me to create a sweet blog post about you).

Once again, let the submissions begin and best of luck to all who enter!


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