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A "ghetto" solution to not letting the touch screen go inactive

FrantoFranto Posts: 779Member

Wouldn't have a behavior called "simulate touch" and then having it repeat every 15 seconds to keep the device from going to sleep be a solution to that particular problem?

I just woke up, so I'm thinking weird right now.


  • ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member

    @Franto I don't have an android phone in my hands right now, but it might just work. I don't know if the touch input actually needs to come from the device itself, but it might be worth a try...

    You can try this:

    Timer "every 15 seconds"
    Change attribute:   device.Mouse.Button to TRUE
         Timer "after 0.001 seconds"
         Change attribute:   device.Mouse.Button to FALSE
  • ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member

    I doubt it will work though...

  • FrantoFranto Posts: 779Member

    @Approw Very interesting. Perhaps somebody could test it out. It could solve some games who have a problem with the device going to sleep during gameplay.

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