My Little Place, app for kids

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Hi, how are you?

I would like to introduce my new application for Children: My Little Place.

My Little Place is like a small iPad, even recreating their interface, full of mini-games (fun, educational, etc.). A project that has taken me so long.

At first, even the icons were rounded as in Ios, but I've had a great task changes from the reviewers of iTunes Connect, to the point they called me from San Jose California to comment me that things had to change! :-O

I hope you like it:

On Vimeo:

Children loves imitate to adults. What if ... we have an application that looks like its own iPad? With many games: educational, fun, curious ... That's My Little Place.

An application designed for children, where they can experiment with numbers, shapes, colors, music, and even time.

  • 11 mini-applications
  • New applications for next updates
  • Fun simulation of the iPad system

Applications of this first version: Telephone, Weather, Preferences, My Bubbles, Duckling, Touch Worm!, Super Piano, Paint Stickers, Shapes, Count Fish, The Happy Train.


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