Incrementing a Table Cell

MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257

I checked the Change Table Cell behaviour, and it seems to just want to let me point to a cell and declare it something else. It doesn't seem to have the provisions for "cell = cell+1". Am I missing the proper command when I go looking? Is ++ one of the things in the Functions section?

Or do I need to grab the cell value, process it as a stand-alone Attribute via Change Attribute, then post that Attribute to the cell?


  • tintrantintran Member Posts: 453

    I think you have to use "tableCellValue(tablename,row,column) + 1" for the expression

  • MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257

    Ah, so the problem is I'm trying to find a "cell =" expression when it's assumed/built in.


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