Adding coins to pre existing game ?

DenodeeDenodee Member Posts: 10

How do I create coins into a game that I already made and have everything else set up for? Its not like creating new coins I l already know how to do that but adding coins into the game without interfering with any of the other actors I created. I tried every possible way and it isn't working.


  • KevinCrossKevinCross London, UKMember Posts: 1,893

    You might want to elaborate a bit more on what you've tried and what isn't working. What's the difference between creating new coins and adding coins in to your game? Why can you do one and not the other?

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    Can you describe the problems you are having?

    No matter what the game - old or new - adding coins will depend on your game, of course, but the normal process is:

    1) Create a game.integer called Coins set to 0
    2) Create an actor called Coin and give it the coin image or set up an animation (rotating coin)
    3) Give the Coin actor a collision rule or that when it collides with player, it sets game.Coins to game.Coins + 1 and destroys itself (you can also add a rule above the destroy to play a coin sound)

    What you do with the coins is up to you, but that SHOULD work with ANY game... assuming you have a player and you want the coins to be collected by the player.

    Other steps might be... display the current coin count, etc.

  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    Oh... I forgot... you will need to PLACE Coin actors where they will be able to be picked up by the player.

  • DenodeeDenodee Member Posts: 10
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    The thing is the coins move with the actor and its not supposed to and yes moveable is turned off. The player is supposed to collect the coins that are set in position.

  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    Do the coins have a COLLIDE behavior with player? You want them to have a RULE for collides or overlaps with... but you DON'T want a COLLIDE behavior.

  • frdfrd Member Posts: 191

    Are you using layers? If so perhaps the coins should be on a layer behind the main actor, not the same layer.

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