Hello, I have got a bit of problem with my sound...
I have made it so that it plays when the game starts. If I move to the next scene and back it will restart the music instead of continuing it. It plays on every scene it is just when I go back to the first scene it restarts. I want it so that if I do go back to the first scene the music will continue playing until I mute the music on the button
I have got the code i useed here

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  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822
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    Make a game attribute (boolean).

    When attribute = 0
    --Play audio
    --Change attribute to 1


  • CraigMackCraigMack Member Posts: 27

    Anyone know, or ask a question if you want more deatails on what I mean.

  • CraigMackCraigMack Member Posts: 27

    Oh never knew it was that simple, thankyou

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