Game Center support in Mac OSx apps - Feature Request

blagdonappsblagdonapps Somerset, EnglandMember, PRO Posts: 37

After having a Mac OSx app rejected by apple for adding the correct requirements for Game Center, and after looking through the forum it appears that Game Center is still not supported in Mac Apps.

Now that Apple has relaxed the need to purchase two separate license for developing for iOS and OSx, it would be a good ideal to support Game Center in Mac Apps also. I can find a feature request for IAPs but not for Game Center. Therefore I have added a feature request in bugzilla.

vote for it here


  • robertkdalerobertkdale USAMember Posts: 912
    edited July 2015

    I will add my vote. :) I wish Mac publishing features were up to date with mobile publishing. There is also no iAP support with Mac publishing.

    Here is the link to the feature request for an iAP system for Mac Publishing. VOTE HERE

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