Strange Collision Behavior

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I have a puzzle game that involves falling tiles.

When tiles drop they stack up, unless they collide with a tile of the same type as themselves, in which case they are destroyed.

The tile actors are square and are caught by an invisible rectangular actor at the bottom of the scene.

All tiles collide with each other and have their density, bounciness and friction set to 0.

Rather than deal with gravity, I have each tile with a permanent negative acceleration.

The issue I'm having is that when a tile lands on a stack of tiles, all or most of the tiles "bounce" by a few pixels before ending where they are supposed to. This would not be a problem except that I track whether or not a tile is falling based on its Y velocity and very rarely the "bounce" triggers the falling effect. To counter this I have had to limit the speed at which the tiles fall, which as led to complaints about "slow gameplay."

Short of rewriting the entire game, is there any way to stop the bounce?


  • Spalding004Spalding004 Member, BASIC Posts: 89

    Update: I have coded around this and it is no longer an issue.

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