Jetpack Escape - A Simple, But Entertaining Time Waster!

FortifyFortify Member Posts: 18
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Jetpack Escape is very simple, as it has one control: tap. When you tap and hold you turn off the character's jetpack, slowing him down so you can get through the obstacles. But if you do this too much, there will be a whole bunch of these bars coming at you very quickly with little space between them. It is on the Google Play store at the moment, and it is free with NO ADS! I've been working on the game for a while so it's very polished with few (if any) bugs. I would really appreciate it if you would take some time to try it! I mean, theres nothing to lose, it's free! Here is the link to the app on Google Play. If you like it, rate it how you want and maybe even review it! Thanks


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