Endless Runner - Help keeping score on screen

Newdude33362Newdude33362 Member Posts: 7

Hey guys, I am new to Game Salad, this is my second day. Today I started developing a new, short, endless runner game. The player move to the right, and tries to collect coins, all the while avoiding the obstacles. Right now how it works is the width resolution is very large, and the player moves right with the constrain attribute on self motion X. I have developed a score counter that sits in the top left corner, however as the player moves the counter goes off screen. So I did the same thing to the counter, that I am doing to the player, by constraining the self motion X. However since the player is the center of the camera, if the player hits a wall the camera moves with the player, and the score counter however will keep moving. Is their a way I can constrain the score counter to the top left of the screen, thanks for the help guys!


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