Problem with images when running test for playing game.

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I have been designing this game for a couple of weeks. Up to this point everything has worked just fine. For some crazy reason when I created this new scene all my actors won't display their images when I start a test to play my game.

Visibility is checked on each actor so that's not the issue. I reuploaded my files, images, remade the actors and the scene and NOTHING. Still won't work. These actors work properly on my other scenes but for some reason if I make a new one, they just won't load the images.

I'm running the program on Windows


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    Have you made sure all the actors have an even number in their sizes? That kept happening for me... Another thing, are you testing it on your device by hitting the preview button inside game salad creator, the app inside the device, or using the preview on your computer? My pictures are prone to not show up when I hit the button inside game salad viewer and pull it up on my device that way, and sometimes don't pop up when I view it on my computer, but generally speaking they work when I view it on the computer or pull it up on the device... You should be fine, I think

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    the viewer does not display everything the correct way.
    display in the viewer—>close viewer—>open viewer again and select 'recent games' it should be better then:) or make an ad-hoc build

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