any international developers here???? (latin america)

avemonavemon Member Posts: 16
Hi all! am about to finish my first GS game.... am just one click away from upgrading to the indie version..... the thing is, i am not located in the US am from Costa Rica. Does anyone know if I will be able to post my app to the US appstore and get payments????

anyone pleeeeasseee? (I spent the last 3 hours googling and nothing was found .... :( )


  • avemonavemon Member Posts: 16
    thanks for the quick response!!! I tried to enroll to the apple developer program .. in the last phase i got an error : ''the appstore is not avaiable in your country" and that prevents me to continue :(
  • JaxterJaxter Member, PRO Posts: 398
    I am from northen europe, Latvia.. i am using USA appstore not latvian.. because in latvian version there are just apps and no itunes store support with music and movies. ( because market here is too small just 2.5 millione population in Latvia. )
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