Monthly GameSalad Meetup Thursday October 1 2015 at 7pm CST (01:00 GMT)

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Topic: Springs in GameSalad

Come learn about GameSalad and meet other GameSalad creators. Chat with some of the developers behind GameSalad, including GameSalad's own Steve Jakab (a.k.a stevej), Alan Uthoff (a.k.a. BlackCloakGS), Tan Tran (a.k.a. adent42)

RThurman will be presenting talk about:
In 1660 Robert Hooke invented the watch spring so that people didn’t have to rely on pendulum clocks to tell time. In so doing, he came up with Hooke’s Law – the law of springiness. Then he got mad and had a big fight with Isaac Newton over who invented gravity so everybody decided to forget about him. But they couldn’t forget his law of elasticity! Now Hooke’s law is used everywhere! This presentation will show how to use Hooke’s Law to make your actors come alive with elasticity. You will see how to make buttons jiggle like Jello, sliders move like they’re attached to rubber bands, and the camera shake like an earthquake. (Hooke was really into earthquakes!)

We might even see a demonstration on how to make a bobble-head doll! (Hooke would be so proud!)

If you can't join us in person, join us online


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