Weapon follow through

Hey Everyone,

In my game I have my actor swing a sword and other swinging weapons. Here is my issue, if the user taps the sword button it just plays a part of the animation, and only plays the complete animation if the button is held down. How do I make it so it plays the entire animation even when button is tapped.


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    Use a boolean. When button pressed :do: game.SwingSword true. Then have your animation in this, if game.SwingSword = true :do: animation, timer ( put this timer in the do section) after:(however long your animation is) change attribute game.SwingSword false. This is how I would do it. But I'm new still and there is probably a better way to do it :) Hope it works for you!

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    @jdlcrater THANKS..IT WORKS!

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    @quinn221 said:
    jdlcrater THANKS..IT WORKS!

    Cool! Glad I could help

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