TIPS: How to avoid bad Ratings and listen to your users.

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Users are hard to come by these days. A healthy app store rating is vital to converting interested gamers who make it to your download page.

Here are my tips to increase your chances in acquiring and maintaining a high rating:

Don't use a static Rate button

We know users are quick to complain, but hesitant to praise. Offering a static rate button, always ready and waiting on the game over scene, is likely to attract the momentarily frustrated or disappointing user, tempting them to leave a spur of the moment bad review.

Give them time

Don't bombard users with a “Rate me” pop-up in the first session of game-play. They may still be finding their feet, and most likely have not seen the best parts of your game.

Wait a day or two, if the user has made it this far, they are more likely to leave a favorable review or at least constructive criticism.

Time it right, catch them at a high

You know your game. Use that to your advantage. Politely ask for a Rating after the user has achieved something special in your game. Use his/her high, they are more likely to give a good review.

Don't interrupt

Don't ask for a review in the morning or during lunch. Chances are the user is trying to sneak in a bit of playtime in between other pressures. They will most likely not leave a well thought out review at this time. Wait for evening.

A/B Test the requests

Study the reviews and feedback, but don't feel obliged to accommodate every demand. Stay true to your vision. A/B Test the changes you do make. See if they resonate with the wider audience.

Update often

If you update your app often, add new features and act on requests, your users will love you and play your game longer.

Use a Feedback system to catch unhappy users.

Sending every user straight to the Rating page is not optimal. Those few bad reviews are going to push your rating down.

The bad way:

Better to lead your unhappy users to a Feedback scene, allowing them to air their views to you, rather than the world.

This keeps the bad ratings out of the app stores, and straight into your hands, to act upon.

The good way:

The above can easily be achieved with the super GameSalad networking functions and a back-end service.

Either cook your own with the help of @jonmulcahy 's excellent tutorial

or use the free and ready made solution from APPFormative in the signature below.

Please share your experiences and ideas on this subject!



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