Trump Doodle is now available on the Amazon Appstore

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I am very happy to announce that all you smart people can now download the FREE version of "Trump Doodle" and the PAID ad-free version on the Amazon Appstore for $0,99!

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

The official Trump Doodle Song "Trump Pump Pump", part of the Gamescene, is a straight-forward driven Dubstep song and can soon be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Music and a lot of sites more. You can stream the song on the ReverbNation artist page of "Mob.Eiht", the Mobile8Gaming Music Branch now already!

Thank you smart people and have fun with "Trump Doodle"!

*****Be smart people and get the ad-free premium version of Trump Doodle NOW with clicking on the Dollar Sign ($) button in the right lower corner of the free version*****

Download FREE:

PAID game download:


Welcome to the "Trump Doodle"! The next biggest Hit on Google Play: Trump Doodle makes the world great again!

Trump Doodle got his fancy suit and tie sitting tight and his waving loose blond hair fixed, ready to reach the famous "Heavenly Presidential Heights" which he has to climb up "making the whole world great again".

Now it is up to you to navigate him clever and carefully to his way to a completely new realm!

"Simply Amazing..."

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, you will love the Trump Doodle...enjoy an endless-running fun game, with the most entertaining and funny "Donald Trump Speech Clips" you ever heard, in the official Trump Doodle Dubstep Song "Trump Pump Pump"!

Never ending fun is guaranteed! :)

Trump Doodle is a great game to play casually in your free time, under the briefing room table during the boring meeting, in your class-free time or with your family and kids at home. Trump Doodle will keep you amazed for a long time.

In comparison to the ad-free premium version of Trump Doodle FREE, Trump Doodle, this version is ad-supported.

The ad-free premium version is also a great gift for someone you love.

"Trump Doodle makes the world great again!"


Trump Doodle automatically goes jumping upwards, so you just have to navigate it with moving your smartphone or tablet to the left, right, bottom and top.

Simple as it can be and also very great for you younger kids to practice hand-coordinational skills!

Enjoy "The Trump Doodle"! ;)

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Trump Doodle FREE and The Trump Doodle Song "Trump Pump Pump" contain speech samples by at


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