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Well its really hard. I am working as a bartender and at my free times making games but basically i want to be a game designer. So it looks normal but in my country its crazy and really hard and that makes me sick. I live in Turkey, Istanbul and there is not even one scroll for game development. If you tell people you are a game developer they are telling you "you are old, why are you still playing games like a child etc. etc." Hopefully my family support me and always said " do what you like more " its really important and i am thankful for this.

Other problem is i must buy everything with "$" and its really expensive in Turkey. Like 1 dolar = 3 turkish lira and normal people earn 1200 turkish lira for a month its like 400 dolar for a month. For this amount of money you must work 6 or 5 day for a week for 8 to 16 hours. It looks like most hardest part but not !

Most hardest part is being Turk ! I am proud of being Turk but islam omg its the problem. Everybody thinks we are really in to islam and cutting you way with you after what happened in the world (Paris so sad, so bad. RIP) . I am almost at my limit but my wife push me and always said me "do it, you can do it, don't give up you don't like to give up!" I don't know what to do anymore. Its like end of my limit but i don't want to give up to.

I just want to write this here if i talk someone from my country they say : "Thats normal we are living in Turkey don't hope too much just live" and i hate that. Nobody has dream !


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    Hey man.. I used to be a bar tender. Now I mow lawns (better money). I'm old – probably older than you.

    I've been doing this GameSalad thing since April. I find it very difficult as my brain is lame at all things maths. Even if we never actually become real game developers at least it's better than just sitting there staring at the TV in your spare time. I say enjoy the challenge. You never know, you might come up with the next 'Flappy Bird'.. or maybe I will.

    The important thing is that you enjoy doing it. Peace.

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    Anyone who chases a dream, even here in America, finds it hard. Why? Because it is hard. Anything worth doing is hard. You don't become sucesssful anywhere without lots of hard work, study and talent. The stories of the hard road to sucess are endless. The common denominator among those who reached their goals was they never gave up even when the odds seemed impossible. Just read about walt disney, a midwestern boy from nowhere, who used to trudge through the snow, wet and cold in the dark to deliver newspapers. He struggled for years with the dream of making animated movies. More offen than not he was broke but he never game up.

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    Disney kicks Zuckerbergs arse (ass for all you Americans)

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    Nice post @Bellow !

    The only thing you should give up, is letting others make decisions for you.

    Success comes to those who continue, where others give up.

    It is really great that you have a supportive wife. If you love game development, stick with it, but don't become impatient. Keep the balance. Enjoy the journey.

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    Don't go down without a fight. Keep giving it your best, and if you fail, at least you did not fail by not trying. So many people later regret not having done something they wanted to do.

    Scribble game ideas down on a notebook. Download and study templates. Seek sites with tutorials, links to audio and video. Type in "game idea" in your browser and you'll find plenty of ideas out there in the open. Keep working on your app and ask for help in the forums. Your next app will build upon everything else you have learned so far.

    And to close with a very lofty bang (some may think what I'll say is stupid, I couldn't care less): you will have created something, and if that doesn't give one a sense of satisfaction and an urge to continue, then I don't know what it does.

    I heard the bell ring. Get off the stool; it's time for your next round.

    Good luck,

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    Thank you guys. I don't want to give up too. I just want to share this with you guys. Everything is so hard just go on. I know the feeling.

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    There's a bright side to it. Cost of living in US, UK etc. is much higher compared to Turkey, so you don't need to make as much money as developer that is based in US. What is considered a financial failure for him, might be a success for you. I live in Ukraine, so I'm well aware o this advantage.

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    You can do it man! Sorry to hear you're facing the difficulties you are.

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    @Bellow Keep up the great work! I like to see you making all the games you have because they are really cool! And if this is your dream, work hard for it! :) Don't listen to those fools that say games are for kids either. They have no clue what they are talking about. In fact, game design and programming are becoming VERY important in today's world. So, it is a good skill to know how to write programming logic. Of course GS isn't true programming but it is an amazing start. It is what made me enjoy "coding".

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    The strong American dollar hurts. Everything priced in US dollars. I feel that pain too. Sometimes a few days off break helps.

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    Do what makes you happy. We here in the forums appreciate your love for making games and support you doing so :smile:

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