How to create command??

Hi there !!

I would like to know how to create 3 behaviors.

① Can I create swipe to move actor?
② Can I create keep touching for 3 seconds to command to actor (not to touch just press or release ). and,,,,,
③ Can I create pinch action? (for example, to open door actor , player swipe to right direction for right side door and to left direction for left side door at the same time)

Somebody know about them??

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  • zweg25zweg25 Member Posts: 738

    For one and three you can google how, there are good tutorials by members of the community. For number two you can just make a rule: if touch is pressed, after three seconds (RUN TO COMPLETION UNCHECKED), do whatever.

  • satoshiwakatasatoshiwakata Member, PRO Posts: 60

    Thank you, I am not get used to GS and GS forum, I try to search. Thank U !!

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