Anyone received payment from google using admob ads?

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Hey Guys. I use admob ads in some of my apps, the payment threshold is $100 and I've reached it last month for the 1st time. What I know is they'll pay within the next month, so that means I should get paid sometime this month Feb.

I'm just wondering right now is 15-Feb, I've already chosen my payment method, but no word from google yet. Does that mean I have to contact the admob team? Or they will contact me eventually? What is the procedure here from your experience?

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  • cucuvayaGamescucuvayaGames Posts: 18
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    Yep i got a payment, first they send a very small amount, then you should inform them about the exact amount they paid, that is how they make sure that the account is yours, and then they send you the whole amount.

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