Xcode testing - I have a simple questions that are pretty important...

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  • How to keep "Real memory usage" as low as possible? Or even better, what is affectin the "Real memory usage", what do we need to watch out when creating our games in order to keep it as low as possible? (how to squeeze the most out of our games, without causing problems?)

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  • zweg25zweg25 Member Posts: 738

    In my experience images are usually the biggest memory drainer. Many might say it is poor logic in coding, and yes, that is partially true, but images and music in my experience are much worse. I think reducing image sizes and compressing them, even if it reduces quality, helps a lot.

    Also, a small thing that may help, is unchecking "Preload Art" and things in the physics of actors like "Moveable" when they are not needed

  • RedCubeGamesRedCubeGames Member Posts: 37

    @zweg25 Thank you a lot on sharing those informations!

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