is anyway improve loading scene?

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i have large scene in my project. So i break it down into several small scenes. But the loading is still a bit slow. take about 2 sec. What cause the loading scene so long?


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    I never make multi-scene games in GameSalad any more. If I can't make the game a one-scene game then I just throw out the idea and work on something that can.

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    @Clock The best way currently (in my opinion) is to make cool cutscene! something to occupy your users for those 2 seconds, maybe your (or game) logo on black or white screen or something more interesting! :smiley:

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    i made some tests today. The fastest loading speed i can get is around 1.5 sec with 3 actors in the scene. The loading speed is probably based on the attributes you have. The more attributes the more loading time you will have. I have around 70 game attributes so far.

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    @Clock I think it depends on the device , my scene is built on an ipad platform,it has 20 images , ( 15 images are 2048x2048 the rest are 256x256)
    I have 30 game attributes. Game usually runs at 59-60 fps on all devices.

    Loading time:

    • Ipad 3 loads in 2 seconds
    • iphone 5s loads in 1.5 seconds
    • Old android devices loads in 2 seconds
    • new android devices takes about a second to load.
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    2 seconds is ok imo and nothing to worry about!

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    @UtopianGames ...your giving away your maturing years :)

    2 seconds to the youth of today is an eternity, and a potential cause for real upset. They haven't lived through or experienced tape loading, and expect instant gratification. We older folk appreciate the time that a 2 second loading time gives us to have a quick yawn, take a breath, or build a sense of anticipation at what wonders the game will give us once it's loaded :)

    But yup, I agree... 2 seconds to load is nothing...

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    if a game taking 2 sec to load in every changing scene, it makes your game not polished. apple has less desire to feature it.

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    @Clock said:
    if a game taking 2 sec to load in every changing scene, it makes your game not polished. apple has less desire to feature it.

    Thats not true , you have roll turtle as an example and many other games that have more than 2 seconds loading time .. but the difference is they have the loading bar ... try playing leps world a famous platform game made with a powerful engine , it has 2 to 3 seconds loading time but as mentioned above they put on a nice loading screen.

    Look into the games made with gs if you read the reviews they dont complain about the loading time as they used to cause now its only 2 seconds .. i hope they improve the loading time more than they did now but this is not an issue as it used to be.. + new devices load faster than old devices and as the years pass it will improve and become better if it was left as it is now but i read that they plan to improve it.

    Most of the featured rpg games load in 4 5 seconds and no one complains about it just try to polish your game and i hope you get featured someday

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