Amazon vs Android Publishing // Leaderboards

Heres the facts: I'd like to publish my first game. Nothing great, a flappy bird clone with new artworks. No plans to monetize, just a try to figure out how to publish. So now theres a few questions that came up:

  1. I'd like to publish on android for the beginning. Means via the gamesalad process and then uploading it as android developer. As I didnt find an easy way to implement online lederboards using this method and also dont wanna pay the 25$ to sign up as an developer, I decided to try it via amazon. If I am wrong about the lederboards here, please correct me (btw: where can I find the amazon API key to use amazon services in GS?)
  2. Publishing on amazon via GS: I got stuck at the point where I should put in the API key - couldnt find it anywhere in Amazon dev surrounding.
  3. Publishing via Amazon directly: The process worked fine so far, right now the app is being revised by amazon. Question is: How can I set up the leaderboards? Is this somehow connected to GS?

After all: When I get the API key set up, can I still publish the game via GS even now its published directly on amazon? I like to have it all in one place. Also: as the amazon app is an android one, can it be found in an play store directly or can it only be accessed via an amazon app? As you can see - the difference between the ways of publishing via amazon or not and/or via GS or without GS isnt really clear to me. Any best practices here?

Thanks in advance - Hansen.

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  • NNterprisesNNterprises Posts: 387
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    You have to clikc on "Security profile" and GameCircle on the amazon site to set up all that. Theres billions of tutorials, search for Gingagaming MD5 or Amazon Leaderboards

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