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Our studio is looking for a Senior World Builder. In this role, you will be helping to craft and create our worlds. You will need to combine a strong aesthetic sense in creating visually interesting spaces with a solid understanding of level design.

· Layout, build and light levels from initial block out to final polish in Unreal 4.
· Tell deep and meaningful stories within the environment.
· Work with Art Team to ensure artistic unity with the entire project.
· Work with the Design Team and the Lead Environment Artist to make gameplay and Levels function harmoniously.
· Collaborate in the planning of project environments.
· Sketch/Model/Concept ideas for 3D environments.
· Excel at consistent aesthetic and technical quality in all environments.
· Prototype rough level layouts quickly and efficiently.
· Level Streaming setup and implementation.
· Optimize Levels for performance and memory.

What We’re Looking For:
· 5+ years’ experience in the game industry with at least 3 shipped AAA titles.
· Possess a wealth of experience in modular level construction and lighting/atmosphere.
· Unreal Engine 4 experience, including terrain/landscape editing.
· Advanced understanding of Physically Based Shading materials and lighting.
· Able to respond elegantly to difficult creative changes, often late in the process.
· Quickly learn and adapt to art and production pipelines.
· Self-motivated towards solving creative problems.
· Must be eligible to work in the US and willing to relocate to Boston.
· Experience in First Person Shooters and semi-open (e.g. Borderlands/Shadows of Mordor) or open world game.


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    I moved from NYC to Boston a few years ago and have noticed a real surge in both the tech and gaming industries up here. It's hard to say how much of my noticing is because I moved here, but still. There's good stuff going on in Boston.

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    How is this related to GameSalad? You should probably just publishing this on the tool's forums or generic game dev forums.

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