Particle system already started when the scene is loaded (weird title, not sure how to describe it)

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Hey guys,
sorry for the weird, maybe misleading title, but I don't know how to describe this in a few words.

Basically I'm using a particle system in a scene's background, purely as a decoration. The problem is that as soon as I load the scene the particle system has yet to start so the background is empty and then the particle system starts and works correctly.

I'm wondering if there's a way to start the particle system not from "zero" but as it was started enough seconds before to have filled the space I want it to fill.

I tried to put a negative number in the delay, but (has I was expecting) it doesn't work.

Any solution?

The only other thing I thought is to have a fake "loading" intermission just to give the particle system the time to do its job, but it seems kinda stupid to have the user waiting just for that.

Hope someone can help

Thank you!

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