Anything to be aware of for rejected apps

butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
Anything I should be aware of in submitting apps and preventing them from being rejected? Such as:

What Tag words you can and cannot use? Is there a limit to the amount of characters? Just separate tag words with commas?

Also, is it best if your game is a cross between a puzzler and a platformer to just put it under a puzzle game? Since some genres have many more hundreds of apps than say a puzzler genre?

Anything else other than game crashing, bug fixes, and obvious issues like an inappropriate app theme or anything that may get an app rejected?


  • JamesBoucherJamesBoucher Member Posts: 433
    Tags cannot be another apps name. You can put you app into two categories.
  • jhaasjhaas Member Posts: 233
    Also don't use trade marked words in your keywords - I just got banged for that one.

    I had to delete the keywords and resubmit the app.

    Stupid - Apple could just delete the offending keywords and ok the app - but that would make too much sense.

    Oh well - they're the ones that have to look at it again - life is long, I can wait.
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Jhaas what were some examples of the trademarked words?
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