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hello all

i am a beginner in gamesalad.

i will that the players animation change, if he catch a item. i try it with spawn actor, the animation does play, but dont follow the player. the animation is hold where the item is.
so i have to use a behavior like spawn player, but this dosen't exist.

i try also a rule, where i define, if player collide or overlaps with item name, animate. but this only shows one frame of the animation. no matter what speed i define.

sorry 4 my englisch its not my language, but hope u understand what i meen.

for any help i am very thankfull. game salad is a great tool and if this can done, i will buy a pro mebership.

best regards



  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,803
    Hello michael, welcome.

    I assume that when the item collides with your player, the item disappears and thus your rule looking for the collision between the actor and the item are no longer valid.

    Try putting the Animate behavior inside a Timer behavior and set the Timer behavior to run 'FOR' 1 second, with run to completion selected. And have that Timer behavior inside the rule that checks if your actor collided with the item.
  • 7thSkull7thSkull Member Posts: 10
    hello CodeMonkey

    first thank u 4 your quick reply.
    i set the timer behavior to "after 0.1 sec" and "run to completion", thats now work for me.
    but without your help i'am sure i dont found this way.
    so again thank u very mutch, u da men (Monkey)

    cya@gamesalad forum

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