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Hi Guys,

I tested my game with an Samsung Galaxy S6 and Ipad mini.

I installed the app with AdHoc on my Android phone and tested the App with the Gamesalad Previewer on my Ipad (also without connecting my tablet to game salad-so with "recent Game")- because I have no Apple developer account so far

But I have the feeling the app works much better on an IOS device as on an android device. it all runs smoother and not jerky

On android it slows often right in the game, on my ipad i had never problems with the performance. although I only have the first ipad mini so the samsung galaxy s6 should be much more powerful.

is this just because the preview app runs smoother, and the signed app also runns bad?

how are your experiences? Is there a differenc between the previewer and the signed app or is there a difference between Android and IOS?

Thanks for your testimonials


  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484

    It is strange that your galaxy s6 doesnt give you high performance. Signed apps (for me atleast) are faster to load on device and they give better performance than both ios and android viewer.

    Through my experience so far , these are the devices that give me high performance.

    High performance:

    Ipad mini retina (ios)
    Ipad 3(ios)
    iphone 5s(ios)
    iphone 6 (ios)
    iphone 6+ (ios)
    Galaxy s7 (android)
    Galaxy s5 (android)
    Samsung grand prime (android)

    They all work the same, high performance with good loading time , newer devices load faster.

    As for the slow/low performance devices they are

    galaxy s4
    galaxy tab 3
    ipad mini (non-retina)

    my performance is based on a heavy game with more than 30 constrains on the scene, particle effects , moveable actors , rotating actors , big images , alot of interpolate, alot of timers in a scene, Non optimised code , So everything was running all together.

  • Perritech BetaPerritech Beta Member, PRO Posts: 14

    I was literally going to ask the same thing today. I just tried my game on my Galaxy S4 and it runs fine at the beginning, but when around 15-20 enemy tanks are on screen the framerate starts dropping and when a bunch of them take damage the game reallllllly slows down. But the same game runs smooth as butter on an iPhone 5s. @Icebox , you're saying that you've seen an S5 be that much more speedy than an S4?

    Anyone else have testimonials?

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    @Icebox said:
    Ipad 3(iOS)


    They all work the same, high performance with good loading time , newer devices load faster.

    A quick note: the iPad 2 is marginally more powerful than the iPad 3 (although the iPad 3 is running a Retina screen), so if something works well on the iPad 3 it should work just as well on the iPad 2 (with RI).

  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484
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    @Perritech Beta said:
    @Icebox , you're saying that you've seen an S5 be that much more speedy than an S4?

    Yes , samsung s5 works like the iphone 5s, if you put them together they run the same but iphone might be a little better cause of the sound, there is a delay on android. Other than that its smooth and the performance is great , it never slows down for me even with heavy games. Samsung s4 for some reason is a disaster :) in my last game, i couldnt add particles cause it slowed it down alot , and it was a simple game.

  • Perritech BetaPerritech Beta Member, PRO Posts: 14
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    Dude, I'm noticing the same with particles! Just a few of them, even! Argh.

    So what do you do? Do you cater your Android apps to the low-end systems? Any optimization tips specific to Android?

  • Tom24Tom24 Member, PRO Posts: 22

    ok thanks guys, i think i have too much collide behaviours in my game.

    I will change a couple of collide behaviours to some calculations!

    I hope I can do this :D

  • Perritech BetaPerritech Beta Member, PRO Posts: 14

    Anyone else have solutions for better Android performance?

  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484

    @Perritech Beta Switching off rules and behaviors + testing would be the best way to approach it. It will also depend on the game and the device you test on. It's not always something specific , it might be a constrain you added , it might be your graphics , it might be timers , rotations , functions , animations , collisions etc... You wont know unless you test once you add the code to your game. This is what i usually do , everytime i add new rules and behaviors i test them on a published apk to see if there are any issues. If everything is fine i continue if not i look for an alternative and test again.

  • chaosmasterrochaosmasterro Member, PRO Posts: 51

    From what I heard GS was originally built for the iOS/Mac and they recently started supporting Android/Windows. My galaxy 6 performance is sub par when it's compared to my iPhone 6.

  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    I did every performance thing I could have possibly did and iphone is still noticeably better performance than android. I just think it's gamesalad and how it builds the final...

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743
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    For me the Viewer is better than the real build on my phone (android) mostly ...... was not the case on 13.33

    And i have a old Project that is totally unplayable on phone now and also kind of slow in Viewer (maybe the new code thing) but have tried many things to get it to flow but no luck

  • Perritech BetaPerritech Beta Member, PRO Posts: 14

    Hmm. Sounding like Android is just plain slower compared to iPhone. Do you guys release one build for iPhones and a leaner, less-code-involved version for Android? I may have to axe out game mechanics here to get this thing to run right on my Galaxy.

  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    Performance of the phone or smaller code is not the issue, I believe it is the way Gamesalad generates the apk. I release the same codes per all my devices, I've leaned out my code all the way on all and still see the same slight studder issue on Android. But it seems theyre working on more Windows/android performance stuff for the next update and future.

  • gameviccigamevicci Member, PRO Posts: 306

    In my experience all my games and projects run faster on iOs devices than Android/Windows devices (I use GameSalad since 2009)

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743

    where are @ForumNinja & @uptimistik have not seen them for a while now, hmmm well hope its working on missalign bug, loading times between scenes and overall performence ...... thanks

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743

    best way to spawn smoke after something? particles or just spawn every ..... working on a project now where i cant have the smoke effect couse mega bad performance dosnt matter how i spawn the smoke, remove it and then its playable atleast

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743

    Need suggestion to not need the constrain (trying to get the game not lag)

    Parallax background


    self.start x - self.pos x


    self.pos x - x


  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    Every 0 seconds is slower than the constrain loop but is running less.
    For example, I'm probably wrong with my fps numbers, but:
    constrain runs 60 times per second, but Timer 0.0 seconds runs 30 times per second.

    It's like a slower loop that is running half the times as constrain

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743

    Anyway on 13.33 i had no problem, i need to wait for an update that fix the performance

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743
  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743

    Anybody else have the feeling of very low FPS even on simple code? im use mac but maybe try generate on win? have someone any tips on whats work and not?

  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484

    Yes now i agree that android performance is getting worse , maybe my earlier game was simple so i didn't notice much but now it is noticeable . I tried my best to optimise everything and as @NNterprises mentioned earlier ios is still better than android. It is a known issue though cause i remember codewizard mentioned it earlier.

  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    @freneticz I compiled android build on my Windows THEN tried it on Mac and had the same shoddy performance on android.

    I even asked help and they said it shouldn't matter. They thought the amount of code in my actors may have been too large, but then I cut the amount of code to like 1/3 and optimized everything and saw no difference.

    I believe it's just gamesalad and android.

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 743

    @Icebox @NNterprises okey then , luckily the performance in Viewer and program overall is good, just continue to code and hope for a update soon.

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